Today I am sad to be a human being. I have kept up with the media relating to Terri Schiavo over the past couple of weeks. There are several facets of this story that are appalling.

First, she was allowed to die by starvation. That is truly horrible.

Second, her parents were denied the right to assist her. The courts forced them to let her die. They couldn’t give her water, they weren’t allowed to be by her side as she drew her last breath. She died in a cold room with no family or loved ones around.

If Terri’s parents start a cult in Waco next year, don’t be mad at them. Society failed them. We told them that their daughter doesn’t matter.

Third, an entire community rallied to save Terri. Activists tried to break into the hospital to give her water. Protesters marched outside. I know its cynical, but I can’t help but wonder if they were more drawn to the drama of a cause or if they really cared for Terri. Are they as adamant about loving their families, or did they just want to join a fight?

We are truly depraved and ugly.

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  1. It was very sad to see the Schiavo case unfold. I was hard to watch her be starved to death, especially because my friend’s Aunt just experienced the same thing.

    My friend’s Aunt had an external gardian over her will. When her Aunt could not communicate effectively from health issues the gaurdian decieded to stop feeding her, so she could collect on my friend’s Aunt’s will.

    My friend’s family went to court to prevent this external gaurdian from killing their family member. The courts allowed the gaurdian to starve the Aunt to death. My friends Aunt was a fighter. She held on to life for 2 weeks without food and water (I don’t know if that’s possible, but that’s what happened).

    Because the Aunt lasted so long the gaurdian counter sued to not permitt family from visiting, because she accused my friend of sneaking in food and water to her dying Aunt. Then the gaurdian sued the hospital accusing the nurses of sneaking food and water to this woman, because she hadn’t died yet.

    As my friend told me these stories a sense of hopelessness came over me, because there was nothing I could do. There was nothing she could do. I just prayed and I told her too also. Her Aunt died a little after two weeks of starvation… truely horrible.

    This process tourtured my friend and her family. This process of suits and counter-suits has brought them financial ruin. They just wanted to save the life of their Aunt and now this ‘gaurdian’ has killed their Aunt and run off with the money.

    I wished I could have protested the Schiavo case, for the sake of my friend and all other murders of helpless people.

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