Yesterday was the greatest day of my year, I went flying with a buddy of mine. We’ve been talking about going for a couple of months, and it finally happened. He rented a Piper Cherokee and we flew to Houston and back. YEEE HAW!!!

Its been four years since I last flew, and I had forgotten how much fun it is. Playing with all of the navigation equipment and radios, talking to ATC, seeing buildings and land from above, the cooler air up there, watching the sunset from altitude… its just freakin awesome.

I got to fly the plane for about 45 mins, and it was just incredible. It came back to me faster than I thought it would (not that I did anything spectacular or challenging, but still). I expected to be uneasy, and after a couple of minutes I remembered what it feels like to hold altitude and heading, staying clear of clouds, etc.

I’m thirsty for more. About a month ago I found out about a university flying club that makes flying more affordable for students, but I haven’t had time to look into it yet. Maybe in May.