Vocabulary Update

In my reading, I’ve come across some words that I had to look up. I’m including them here for your benefit.

1 – to wear the skin off of;
2 – to censure scathingly.
Usage: The Democrats have excoriated President Bush.

1 – to release from slavery.
Usage: All plantation owners were required by law to manumit their slaves.

1 – to change into bone (??);
2 – to become hardened or conventional and opposed to change.
Usage: You seem to ignore the tendendy of revolutionary movements to ossify and become established institutions.

1 – sustained and bitter railing and condemnation.
Usage: The vituperation of Winston Churchill has gone on too long.

1 – to make better or more tolerable.
Usage: I wish I could ameliorate your pain.

I didn’t find a definition for this, but reading from context I think it means to physically repress. As in, when feelings and emotions are repressed, the process begins as psychological and then becomes somaticized. If you know what this means, or find a definition for it, please post it in comments.

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  1. Somaticise is to believe mistakenly that an emotional pain is a physical sympton. This occurs often in alexithymic individuals who are devoid of emotion because they are functionally unaware of their feelings – therefore symptoms such as palpitations and butterflies in the stomach may be felt by the individual without them being able to associate them with the concurring emotions!

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