Much Rejoicing

Something came over me this past weekend, and I feel the need to reconnect with my past. I’m excited because in just one week I have successfully contacted two of my old friends from high school that I had lost touch with for a couple of years.

Its been way too long since I’ve seen them. The weekend before I left my life behind in San Antonio, Carlos, Cassandra & I met for dinner & beers in 1996. That was the last time I saw Carlos, and I’ve only seen Cass once since then in the spring of 1998. Man is that too long. I can’t wait to catch up.

I tracked down Cassandra a couple of months ago, and we played phone tag until a couple of nights ago. I’ve done a web search for Carlos a million times, and through a stroke of luck Google found him this time.

Now we’re fanned out all across the continent. Carlos is in California, and Cass is out in Maryland. And what the hell happened to Richard? James? Where are they?