I have been getting the word out about my humble blog since I started it in December. This includes mentioning it in conversation at opportune moments. Invariably, every time I tell someone my URL, I’m asked, “What is .cc?” Or, even better, “Shouldn’t there be another letter at the end?” Not many people have heard of it yet.

The .cc domain suffix was added a couple of years ago ago as an alternative to “.com” for commercial websites. I personally like it because its shorter, and sounds more hip. And, because not many people have caught on to it yet, there are still dozens of .cc domains available, that had their “.com” extensions snapped up years ago. You should check with godaddy.com, maybe your favorite domain is still available with a “.cc” suffix.

I haven’t seen many companies using it yet. In fact, trillian.cc is the only one that I know of. Do you know of any others?