My semester really is in full swing now. My brain is on a healthy diet of at least five advanced calculus problems per day. Earlier this morning I was walking to a class and I thought to myself, “the derivative of my pace is…”, and before I realized what I was doing I started going through some calculations in my head. You know how they say that you know you can speak another language well when you start to think in that language? Well, I’m now thinking in terms of equations. I have some mixed emotions about that.

I guess this means that I’m officially turning into a geek. I don’t mind being a geek, I just hope that I’ll still able to relate to people in the real world when I get there. Its actually pretty cool to learn the math behind how our world works. Did you know that we proved mathematically that it is possible to travel into outer space long before we had the technology to do it? That just blows my mind. I’d like to be that smart one day.

In other news, I went & supported some friends as they ran in the 3m half marathon yesterday. It was fun to be out there, cheering for folks and supporting my friends. Its kind of tempting to start running with them regularly, but for now I’m happy with the results that I’m getting at the gym.

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