Starting next week I’ll be teaching a friend to play bass. As part of a fund raiser through our church, I donated six hours of guitar lessons to the highest bidder. I kind of did it on a whim, not really knowing what to offer, but now I’m looking forward to it. A buddy of mine won the auction, so it should be a good excuse to jam with a friend. He’d rather learn bass than guitar, which will make our playing time just that much more fun.

So I’ve been thinking lately about how I would like to have been taught. Its a pretty fun exercise, really. Take stuff that you know, and see if you can break it down into transferable chunks that could be passed on to someone else. If I can be self-aggrandizing for just a minute, I think I’m going to do a great job teaching him. Okay, the minute is over.

Our ‘lessons’ start on Monday. Hopefully he’ll be ready for playing in front of a group within a couple of weeks.