I saw Blade: Trinity last night with Steve. I went in with mediocre expectations. I enjoyed the first one, but would rate it as a B because it felt like it was lacking something, it just didn’t come fully together for me. I never saw the second one, but I assume it was well received because Hollywood decided to put another one out. I really like this latest one. Now I think I want to go back & see the second.

Its kind of like the original Matrix, in that the main protagonist (Wesley Snipes’ character Blade) is on a crusade to save the world from evil. I liked this movie much more than either of the two Matrix sequels. There are a few scenes where the music and the action really drew me in. And the special effects were incredible. Several characters morphed throughout the movie, and that just doesn’t get old to me.

I’ve also been continuing my work on this site. I’m happy with the work that I’ve done, but it still doesn’t have the menu on the left side, as my old site does. I’ve realized that I may have to start from another template in order to achieve this. What I’ve decided to do for now, is leave this skin (which I’ve named ‘Aerolen’) alone, and start work on another. For now that one is named ‘Surly’ because I anticipate it getting ugly before it gets pretty.