Holiday Break

My fall semester is finished! I had my last final exam on Monday afternoon. It feels good to have it behind me. After everything is said and done, I think I’ll come out fine. And now I have a few weeks off. Plans include working to save up a little extra cash, time with family over the holiday, and possibly some time out of Austin.

I haven’t done much festive stuff yet, so it doesn’t really feel like the Christmas season to me. I missed a couple of Christmas parties while I was preparing for finals. Last night I picked up some egg nog, that always helps me get in the spirit.

I spent some time working on this site’s style sheet this morning. Now it looks a little more like it should. I had been putting off making changes, but I finally decided that its OK to break the site and rebuild it. Once I get this style sheet nailed, I may start working on a second, so that you can choose your style. That’s just the kind of service you get here at Lenwood.