Stomp Finals

Saw Stomp last night. Man was it fun. I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard. Who would have thought that they’d be funny? And creative? They were bangin’ on everything but instruments. Brooms on the floor, paper bags, pots & pans, you name it, they hit it. The performance was phenomenal. So fun.

Finals are upon me. I have three this semester, Physics, Statics and Calculus. Only one more week of class, then the exams. I’m looking forward to having them behind me. I’m not nervous about them, but I have a lot of work to do to prepare. This has been a tough semester for me, and I’m so looking forward to moving on to new classes, and having a chance to start fresh.

I’ll be taking two classes this summer, Thermodynamics and Differential Equations. Yummy.

I’ve been running Linux (RH 9) on my desktop at home system since last August, and I’ve been really pleased with it. So I was a little miffed when Redhat announced that they’re moving away from their current release structure. The choices now are Fedora, which is free, or Enterprise Linux, which is $180. I’m not excited about running the bleeding edge, I like my stuff to work, so I was going to pay to jump to Enterprise Linux, but then changed my mind. I like free. I thought about other Linux flavors, and finally decided to go with FreeBSD. I’m planning to make the jump to over the break. Free, and stable, I like that combination. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Still no reading for fun, too much work to do. I’ve been listening to MMW.