Spring Is Here

Howdy all, the last month has been good. I’ve had some time to chill out lately, which has been so good.

I’m loving our spring weather. The bluebonnets are out, and every day is gorgeous. I’m dying to do some camping, even if its only for one night. I can feel a trip to Big Bend coming, though I haven’t made plans for it yet.

Over spring break Daniel Smith of Danielson and Sufjan (pronounced soof-yahn) were in town for SXSW, and they spent a couple of nights with us. I visited with both of them, but had a particularly good visit with Daniel. I’m always encouraged in my pursuit of music when I visit with people that are out there doing it. Previously I had been thinking that its time to retire all of my instruments, but I now realize that thats a bad choice. So, I pulled out my gear and plugged in. I’m not giving up on music! I need to be in a band again. I need that venue for expression.

In my last post, I expressed frustration over not being able to get a USB memory key to work with my system. So I went to the capmus computer store to see what Win XP would cost, expecting to have to save for it. It was so affordable that I bought both it and Office XP on the spot. It took about another week to complete the O/S swap, but now everything works perfectly. I -gasp- like Win XP! Please don’t tell anyone that I said that.

School continues to be challenging. Working at the beginning of the semester set me back in my schoolwork, and I’ve been digging myself out since. But, God is soveriegn, and he’s answered some big prayer requests lately. I like what i’m learning, and I’m super excited about the direction that I’m headed in.

I’ve been looking at cars lately. My truck will need some work soon, and I’m in the process of deciding whether I want to do the work, or get something else. I know for sure that my next vehicle will not have an automatic transmission. I’m particularly attracted to 4Runners. I think if I found one thats 5 or 6 years old that’d be a good fit. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make that financial jump yet, but I’m hoping that my stocks make a huge rally, and fast!

I’m not really doing any reading for fun right now. All of my reading has been devoted to calculus, physics and statics. Though I’d like to read Hannity’s Deliver Us from Evil at some point. I have been playing a bit of Halo. And this month marks the 10th year since Kurt’s passing, so I’ve pulled out all of my Nirvana cd’s.