Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Welcome to the new year!

My holidays were good. I went to San Antonio and spent time with my Mom & her side of the family. My dad came in from Colorado, so I was also able to spend time with him & his side of the family. And finally I went out to Boerne and spent time with Brent & Sandy.

The most fun part of Christmas this year was giving, by far. Normally my gifts aren’t anything exciting, but this year I did well, and it was really fun. The piece de resistance was an electric guitar for my little brother Matt. He’s wanted to play guitar forever, so I found him a Stratocaster, and I also gave him one of my small practice amps. He loves it. My other brother Josh gave him a couple of guitar lessons. I can’t wait to jam with him.

I made a decent haul myself. I got several nice shirts, some khakis, a clock, a chair for camping, a headlamp (flashlight), cash, gift certificates, and more. How’s that for a Merry Christmas?

Other holiday festivities included a trip to the 37th street lights (very cool, very Austin) with Micah and Deidra. For the new year my friend Mike Carlson came in for a visit from Dallas. We joined some friends for dinner at Shady Grove then party hopped until after midnight. It was a fun night.

New year’s resolutions include exercise & creativity. I’ve been running & mountain biking for the past several weeks, so I have a start on exercise. I want to get in shape and shed some lbs. And, I need to find a creative outlet. music, painting, writing, something.

I’ve been wanting to listen to Garbage for a while, so I went to get their first cd with one of my Christmas gift certs, but they were out of stock. So, I gladly got one of Medeski, Martin & Wood‘s earlier cd’s, Shack Man, and have been listening to that. I don’t know if i’ll ever get tired of their music. And I’m reading C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters. Lewis is both entertaining and challenging.