Semester Recap

Finals are done. My semester is done. One year of school, done! Woo Hoo!

I had four final exams this semester. The first three (AutoCAD, American History & Intro to Aerospace Engineering) went really well. I’m certain that i aced the AutoCAD exam, and I felt very good about the History and Aerospace exams. Calculus didn’t go as well. but, I did well on previous exams, and there was a curve, so I passed both the exam and the class.

Final tally is two A’s, one B and two C’s for the semester. This puts my GPA for the year at 2.9. It may not get me into Harvard, but it’ll keep me in UT, and that’s exactly where I want to be.

I’ve wanted to get some graphics for this site for a while now. After doing enough research to understand the difference between raster & vector graphics, I decided that I want SVG images for this site. So, earlier this week I downloaded & installed SodiPodi for my Linux box. I’ve been tinkering with making my own images for a couple of days, and its slow going so far. I’ve ordered a book, so hopefully that’ll give me a place to start. I just realized tonight that I may need to find a method of converting PNG images to GIF. Anyway, I hope to have some images soon.

I finished my christmas shopping this morning. It feels good to have it all done, before Christmas Eve. Its fun to give gifts this year, because there’s no more stress, and I think all will like what they receive from me.

I finished several upgrades on my bike about a month ago, and have been riding twice a week for the past two or three weeks. Man does it feel good to get out and do some exercise. Yesterday Rusty & i rode, and we agreed to no more than 5 clip outs for the entire ride. What a great challenge! I think we each came off the trail with two! Right on! This was a first for both of us.

I still haven’t replaced my truck’s stereo or even repaired the dash. I finally ordered the replacement parts this week, and will probably have the work done in January. It’ll be good to have tunes on the road again.

In summary, I love being a student, I’m excited about my future, I’m having fun with my hobbies. Ergo, I love life.

I’m listening to MMW and reading the Bible.