Try Linux

Welcome back to my little slice of the web. This past week was pretty exciting. School starts on this coming Wednesday (Aug 27), so I’ve been gearing up for that. Calculus didn’t go as well this summer as I had hoped, so I ended up dropping the class. The result of that decision is that I’m having to take it again this fall, which switched up my fall class schedule. Fortunately, its all working out.

The most exciting thing that happened this week is that I installed Linux on one of my older computers. I haven’t been using the system for the past several months, so I figured I’d erase the hard drive then sell the system. Well, I’ve been wanting to get into Linux for a while. I’ve had success with using it as a firewall, but never as a desktop computer. So I thought, if I’m going to erase the hard drive anyway, why not at least try? I’ve not only installed & configured it now, I’ve added the software that I’ll need, plus I’ve set it up on my home network. Very cool.

There are two things that I love about linux. First, just about any type of application you could want is available for it for free! Second, the support community for it is outstanding. If you get stuck somewhere along the way, ask your question in a newsgroup and you’ll have an answer within a day. I’m looking forward to kissing Micro$oft goodbye.

Ministry stuff continues to be exciting. I met with several friends this week regarding small groups within my church sunday school class. Lots of ideas are being discussed. Its an exciting time for our church.