28 Days Later

Howdy all, its been a busy month. Good, but busy. Work is going well, school is going well, and things at my church are going better than they have in months. Its a very exciting time to be in ministry. God is definitely at work in the hearts of His people.

Every once in a while I get the urge to see a scary movie. This happens less than once per year. Last Saturday, the urge hit me, so I saw 28 Days Later. The media touted it as “scary as hell”. I say, um, no. The premise of the movie isn’t plausible. Its based on a disease that isn’t real, so it can’t happen. It was a good move, I’d see it again, but I wasn’t scared. Tense? Yes. Scared? No.

Spinning some new tunes lately. My buddy Micah turned me onto the jazz group Medeski, Martin & Wood. Whoa! Now that’s some quality music. Since Micah introduced them to me a month ago, I’ve bought The Dropper and Uninvisible. They’re both great, Dropper’s my fav. The song Partido Alto is about the best song I’ve heard in years. I’ve been listening to it in my truck for the past weeks, and every time it comes on I’m jumping around and tapping the steering wheel. Yeah, that’s good stuff.